President  Lee, Daxi

The world's resources are limited, so it is essential for us to use them wisely to ensure the sustainable development of humankind.

Automobile tires are made from precious resources like natural rubber, oil and so on. Most tires are destined to be dumped without being used fully. However, retreading or reusing them, we can continue to make use of the tires that were not used fully before.

Our core business is selling new and used tires in domestic and international markets. We put our heads together with our clients and figure out how to effectively reuse waste tires. We dedicated all of our strength to realizing our goal of environmental conservation and reduction of environmental burdens.

[Corporate Identity]
We aim to provide the best service to our customers. During implementation, we respect the individuality of each employee, and develop our business culture with creativity and promotion of teamwork.

[Corporate Goals]
We practice management based on faith and gratitude for everybody, and consistently try to improve the levels of conscience and dignity in order to create a company that engenders the trust of the community.
Each employee is committed to work with enthusiasm, and seeks to work for a company that is able to improve the world.